1. "Sir, could you please at least wear a condom." "You don’t want to get harpies!"

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    a darker and edgier more serious show than buffy the vampire slayer 

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    the wire meme — 2/4 supporting characters — nicky sobotka

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  4. Episode 112: Adam Richard, Greg Fleet & Chris Wainhouse

    • Adam: I dated a guy that had a piss bag. You know, the catheter bag.
    • Chris: For fashion?
    • Adam: Gucci. No, he'd had a cancer or something, he had no bladder.
    • Greg: I'm such a brutal lover, I'd be concerned that something would break or dislodge.
    • Adam: Yeah, it's weird. You have to negotiate.
    • Chris: No breakdancing battles.
    • Greg: They have to go back to "no kicking" sex. Who's into that?
    • Adam: Oh, no, just don't kick him on that side.
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    I love Sesame Street videos too much.

    Unpopular opinion: The best show in the history of television is not I Love Lucy or Mad Men or The Sopranos or Breaking Bad or Seinfeld.

    The best show in the history of television is Sesame Street.

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    Don’t tell me you “understand” why I’m vegan. If you understood you’d be vegan, too.

    Understanding doesn’t equal agreement. I understand why Walter White started to cook meth, doesn’t mean I’m gonna buy an RV and a barrel of methylamine.

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    Charlie: You come off stage, and then three groupies… jokies, three jokies… No, no! One’s your assistant and she leads you back into your dressing room…

    Wil: And I see them back stage, there’s the comedians on one side and the jokies on the other side, and I say, “Clowns to the left of me, jokies to the right; stuck in the middle with you.” [laughing]

    Charlie: I would almost boo that. I would almost boo, but I know you get really upset when I boo, so… just consider yourself warned.

    Wil: I do, I save ‘em up.

    Charlie: That was a yellow card.

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  9. cangel appreciation week | day 3: favorite season • season 3
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